Saturday Graduation

After teaching classes tonight and seeing how everyone is doing, I am really happy with the progress of everyone, Good luck for Saturday. Also a special mention to the 5 people testing for 1st Dan and 2 for 2nd Dan from the Bolton, Great Lever School. I wish you the best, you are all amazing.


12 Day’s off Christmas Exercise.

We will be posting different exercise idea’s you can do at home, We will start with the obvious one that we’re working on during the class. The 12 day’s of Christmas

12 days of Christmas (just like the song) On the first day of Christmas our instructor give to me….

1. Push up with a clap
2. one armed push ups – 1 left 1 right
3. slow sit ups
4. tuck jumps
5. v sits
6. push ups
7. bicycle crunches
8. squats
9. full sit ups
10. alt leg squat thrusts
11. Burpees
12. Tri-cep push ups

To do this start from 1 and then do 2 then 1 and so on, just like the way the song is sang. This exercise will take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. If you’re not very fit then take your time and do as much as you’re able to handle. If you have any health problems be sure to speak to a medical professional, who will be able to help.

News Offers

December Offer (Great Lever, Bolton School)

Are you looking at getting started in a martial arts class?

Have you got a child that you want to do a physical activity that will get them fit?

Never done Martial Arts before?

Have you done Martial Arts but never actually stayed?

At our Bolton Branch we’re offer all new members who join during December Free Membership and Insurance saving you £30. (More if part of a family!) Contact us today on 01203 391 361 or go to our contact us page to find out more about our offer.


2 Weeks left to the December Graduation

9 am – Tiger Tots (All Belts)
10am – White Belts
11am – Yellow & Orange Belts
12pm – Blue & Green Belts
1pm – Red Belts & Dan Test Candidates
2pm – Midnight Blue (Blackbelts)


Graduation & Blackbelt Test 14th December

The next graduation will have our 6 monthly Blackbelt Test starting at 1pm and Finishing at 4pm. We have 7 people from the Bolton School Testing towards their next level. 5 for 1st Dan and 2 to 2nd Dan. I am looking forward to seeing how everyone does. It should a Fantastic day.


Blackbelt Evaluation Day

Good Luck to all those doing their evaluation day today. You will do fantastic. Trust in what your instructor has taught you. Well done on making it this for.


Blackbelt Assessment & Test Day’s.

The Blackbelt Assessment day is on Sunday 17th November from 9:30am to 3:30pm. Make sure to bring some food along for your assessment day.

Also your test will be on the next graduation day, which is on Saturday 14th December from 1pm – 4pm. Make sure on this day you bring a Pen and your Sparring gear.


Dates for your Diary for 2020

Here are the provisional dates for your diary for 2020 for all main events and activities:-

Super Summer Camp and Seminars with Masters

29th to the 31st August

Galamara Lake District

⏰⏰ Limited Spaces ⏰⏰

Belgium Trip TBC

Seminar and Competition

27th to 19th March

Gala Dinner and Awards night

14th November

Ticket only – Limited numbers

Graduations 2020


To be held at

Essa Academy Lever Edge Lane, Bolton BL3 3HH

8th February

18th April

13th June

15th August

17th October

12th December

Dan Evaluation Days 2020


👉👉Preparation and evaluation of all students testing for their Blackbelt and 2nd and 3rd Degree.

26th April Evaluation Day

Swinton Do Jang 173 Station Rd M27 6BU

30th May – Dan Seminar and Testing 2-5pm

Essa Academy Bolton

13th June Dan Presentation Day 1pm

Essa Academy Bolton

1st November Evaluation Day

Swinton Do Jang 173 Station Rd M27 6BU

28th November – Dan Seminar and Testing 2-5pm

Essa Academy Bolton

12th December Dan Presentation Day 1pm

Essa Academy Bolton

Future Instructor Training


11th Jan

1st Feb

7th Mar

4th Apr

2nd May

6th Jun

4th July

1st Aug

5th Sep

3rd Oct

7th Nov

5th Dec

Red Belt Seminars
Practice all your Forms and Self Defence ready for Blackbelt day 2 – 4pm

21st March – Hindley Centre

26th September – Hindley Centre

👉All the dates are subject to change.

👉👉👉Further events will be posted once finalized.


Martial Arts For the Family

Classes 5 days a week,
Tiger Tots for 3  - 6 Year Olds
Positive Start for Families
01204 391 361
we’re are inviting people down to try out a free 30 day trial and free uniform or £100 of our courses. Feel free to contact us on 01204 391 361 for more information.

Clock go back tomorrow

Don’t forget that the clocks go back 1 hour tomorrow. We’re not late to class 🙂

I look forward to seeing you in class.