Book Your Birthday Party

If you are looking for a great birthday party for your child then look no further.

Family Martial Arts Centres are offering a Birthday Party for your child and up to 20 of their friends (minimum 10 participants) on Saturdays and Sundays at 3:30pm. All you have to do is provide the cake (Catering Optional) and we will provide the fun and entertainment. This 90 minute party will include:

  • An action packed 30 minute martial arts lesson using the equipment
  • A break for the birthday party tea, cake cutting etc. (We can provide food if needed*)
  • A confidence building board breaking session using safe, plastic re-breakable boards.
  • Fun Games
  • Certificates for all participants
  • Time to set up the room how you like (30 minutes before and after the lesson, come in from 3pm to set up)

*You will need to provide the cake

Book Your Birthday Party today to avoid disappointment

Please note there is no refund if you decide to cancel.

Birthday Party Consent Form

Please make sure the parents of the child attending the party fill out the consent form below, before they attend the party on your booked day.