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This form is for both new members and members who are renewing their yearly membership/insurance.

Please fill this form out carefully.

When you have paid you will get an email to confirm it has been received and you will receive your free uniform(s) in your next class.

Small Print – Please read carefully
1) Flexi Contract – Flexi contracts are great if you are unsure about commitment at the early stages and wish to get familiar with the classes, you can always change your mind later and cancel with 30 days notice. If you wish to commit then you are always welcome to go to the 12 month contract.
2) 12 Month Contract – With the 12 month contract this offers a significant discount off the tuition. Please note that you would only be cancel under certain conditions which would require proof, such as if you move more than 6 miles away from any of our locations or if you have a serious injury which would mean you would be out of training for more than 6 months.
3) The PayPal payment will be a one time payment, the next payment will be set up as an ongoing payment, you will receive an email from our Billing company SmartPayuk with the details of how to set this up. They will send you a payment link with Worldpay.
4) Please note there is no refund on money paid to Family Martial Arts Centres unless the instructor says otherwise.

Monthly PaymentsBoltonFarnworth
1 Person£35*-£70 Per Month£35* per Month
2 People£52.50*-£100 Per Month£52.50* Per Month
3-5 People£70*-£130 Per Month£70* Per Month
*Once a week

Membership and Insurance costs
1 Person – £30 Per Year
2 People – £60 Per Year*
3 People – £70 Per Year*
4 People – £80 Per Year*
5 People – £90 Per Year*

*Please note that the First year maybe discounted a bit depending on how many people are in your family.