Graduation News

Graduation – Saturday 13th June 2020

Good luck to everyone who is doing the graduation during this weekend, if you haven’t already done so make sure that you put your graduation form in here.

Due to the current situation the graduation will be run via Zoom, You will be given the codes later on today if you have submitted a graduation form. You will need to make sure that you have a working webcam enabled for the graduation.

The times for the graduation are as follows:

9am Tiger Tots
10am White & Yellow Belts
11am Orange & Blue Belts
12pm Green Belts
1pm Red Belts
2pm Blackbelt’s

Please make sure to sign in about a minute before the class and not to long before hand due to the limitations of Zoom.

Graduation News

Saturday 14th Graduation Pictures.

I will try and take more photos at the next graduation, Well done to everyone who graduated and well done to everyone who tested to their next rank on the way to becoming a Blackbelt.

News Offers

December Offer (Great Lever, Bolton School)

Are you looking at getting started in a martial arts class?

Have you got a child that you want to do a physical activity that will get them fit?

Never done Martial Arts before?

Have you done Martial Arts but never actually stayed?

At our Bolton Branch we’re offer all new members who join during December Free Membership and Insurance saving you £30. (More if part of a family!) Contact us today on 01203 391 361 or go to our contact us page to find out more about our offer.


School Holiday’s

Occasionally, I get asked if we are open during school holidays. The simple answer is yes. We only close for 2 week’s at Christmas and new year, also 3 day’s during the Easter period.

We have classes 5 day’s a week and we’re open nearly 50 week’s a year, so there will be no interruption to your training.

We offer a free trial for those wanting to get started with learning Martial Arts. Go to our Contact us page and we will contact you about getting your martial arts journey started today.


Martial Arts For The Family

From my experience over the 12 years of teaching families who train together progress further in the martial art’s than people who go it alone. Why not get your Family started today. We have classes five days a week for beginners and advanced student’s. What ever your goal’s are we are here to help. For us we want all student’s to feel welcome. Call us today to book your families first free lesson with us on 01204 391 361.


New Website Is live!

Our last website did great to get us to this stage, however it was now over 9 years old and needed updating. I have had a few issues with getting it live due to issues with it routing to another server. I am hoping that we now have a fully Functioning website.

I will be adding more features in the coming week so please bear with me. Some of the features I will be adding is a section for students study material and a safe place for you to ask questions.

Thank you.