Dates for Your Diary

To help everyone keep organinsed for this year I have enclosed all of the important dates on our calender


  • Saturday 22nd April 2023
  • Saturday 24th June 2023
  • Saturday 26th August 2023
  • Saturday 14th October 2023
  • Saturday 16th December 2023

Dan Preperation Seminars

For those who need to prepare for the next Blackbelt test, I will be running some clinics on Forms and Self Defense over 2 days each time. This seminar is open to those who are 1st gups (Red Belt with 2 Blue tags) This is open to all Bolton – Curzon House students and is free to attend. They will be run at 2:30pm – 4:30pm

  • Saturday 1st April 2023 (Hyungs)
  • Saturday 15th April 2023 (Hol Sin Sool)
  • Saturday 30th September 2023 (Hyungs)
  • Saturday 7th October 2023 (Hol Sin Sool)

Dan Assessment Days

If you are looking to test for your Back Belt during 2023, these days are essential:

  • Sunday 23rd April 2023 (all day)
  • Sunday 22nd October 2023 (all day)

Dan Tests

Should you be successful at the Assessment Day, these are the key dates that you cannot miss:

  • Saturday 20th May 2023 (afternoon)
  • Saturday 25th November 2023 (afternoon)

Instructor Training Programme

The times & venues will be advised closer to the time but they are usually held on the first Saturday of the month, so they should be the following dates:

  • Saturday 1st April 2023
  • Saturday 6th May 2023
  • Saturday 3rd June 2023
  • Saturday 1st July 2023
  • Saturday 5th August 2023
  • Saturday 2nd September 2023
  • Saturday 7th October 2023
  • Saturday 4th November 2023
  • Saturday 2nd December 2023

More detail is published on the closed Instructor Training Facebook Group.

Bolton School Closure Dates for 2023

During these dates we will be closed

  • Sunday 9th April (Easter Day)
  • Friday 20th October to Sunday 22nd October
  • Wednesday 20th December 2023 to Tuesday 4th January 2024