A commitment to helping everyone become Blackbelts

We want the people of Bolton to feel safe, with our Martial Arts Programme I am sure that we can help.

A Martial Art the whole family can join in to

Thinking about a martial art where you can train with your family


Boost your fitness and loose weight.


Both Children and Adults have lots of fun during training with a very enthusiastic instructor.


Feeling shy, lacking in confidence, Martial Arts has long since been the best way to improve these.

Self Defence

Learn various self defences skills that have real world applications.

Tiger Tot – 3 – 6 Year Old Class

Are you looking to enrol your child? We have a class specifically for children aged 3 – 6 Year old.

Family & Adult Classes

We have classes available 5 days a way for families and an Adult class available for adults who want to train away from children.

Building Confidence for the next generation

We have classes 5 days a week, Start your Martial Arts Journey today.

Family Martial Arts Centres

  • Professional Martial Arts Classes
  • Multiple Locations
  • A clean room to train in

Family Martial Arts Newsletter

  • You will receive regular updates about events.
  • Life Skills.
  • Insight to the Forms and Self Defence.

A Martial Art Programme for the whole Family

Mr Daniel Hartley

Chief Instructor