Tang Soo Do – Class protocol & Etiquette

In Martial Arts our lesson’s is are centered around Respect. Here are 15 must’s how you can be respectful during your training.

  1. Ensure you arrive at the center 10 – 15 minutes before the lesson starts
  2. Make sure you keep yourself in good hygiene and your uniforms are clean and tidy
  3. When entering or leaving the Do Jang ensure you bow to all senior members saying hello sir/ma’am or goodbye sir/ma’am
  4. Ensure you remove your shoes and socks before walking on the matted area
  5. Non-members and children under the age of 3 must always be kept off the matted area for their own safety
  6. If you need to eat before class ensure that it is something small, larger meals should only be eaten a minimum of 2 hours before you train
  7. Ensure that food and drinks are always kept away from the matted area
  8. Ensure that all your belongings are neatly tucked away and that nothing is blocking any paths or doorways
  9. Before you enter or leave the matted area ensure that you solute and bow to the flags
  10. If practicing your martial arts before the class, ensure that you do not disturb others who may be training and that any equipment you use is put away at least 5 minutes before the class is due to start
  11. If you are under 18 certain equipment must only be used with supervision, e.g. Wavemaster, Medicine Balls and Kick Shields. If in doubt check with your Instructor.
  12. Ensure that you line up on the mats 2 minutes before class starts and in senior order with white belts closest to the stairs, working across to the higher ranks
  13. During the class if you need to leave the mats for any reason you must raise your hand and wait for your Instructors permission before bowing and saluting the flags
  14. If you need to enter the matted area after a lesson has started wait at the edge of the mats where you instructor can see you and once they have given you permission solute and bow then go to your place quickly
  15. Parents may stay during the class to watch their children train however we do request that noise is kept to a minimum, also please refrain from shouting to your child during the class as this will distract them during their training, phones must be switched off or on silent during the class.

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