Bring a Buddy – Break a board

Sunday 5th April 2020 – 1:30pm – 2:30pm

This has been a long time coming, an event not to be missed. We will be teaching you and a friend to break wooden boards. Typically, in class we break re-break-able boards. However, we are going to show confidence and strength in breaking some wooden boards, get your picture taken with your broken board.

So how do I enter?
Simple, put your name down on the list on the front desk and the Name of your friend you will be bring down on the day.

What about if I can’t bring a friend?
You can still put your name down it will just cost £15 for the event, if possible, try to bring a friend and it will be free.

Can I bring a parent to join in with me?
Yes, if your parent is not actively training with us then the event will be free for you.

How many places will be available?
We have 45 places available so be sure to book you space fast.

What are the age limits?
I will set aside easier boards for those who are under 8, so the minimum age is 4 years old. If anyone older wants to join in there are no age restrictions.

What are the Rank/Programme Restrictions?
Good news! There are none

The boards we will be breaking.

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