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Whether you are looking for karate, kick boxing, tae kwon do, kung fu or any other form of self defence, with our full time martial arts facilities in Bolton, Great Lever, Bury, Manchester, Wigan and Preston we are confident that our programmes will suit you and your family.
More people train in our schools than any other martial arts academy in the North West. Men, women, children, often whole families sign up for our programmes studying the most complete system of self defence available and benefiting themselves in many areas of their lives.

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"I love my Martial Arts and have done for six years!" Mike
Whether you want to lose weight, or get fit and strong, build confidence and learn the essential skills of personal self defence or all of these things, you have come to the right place.

Let us help you to achieve your goals - Whether you want incredible martial arts skills, unstoppable confidence, massive weight loss or just a whole bunch of new friends, we can help you like we have for thousands of others just like you!
Our members have gone from: clinically obese to sleek and svelte; from fearful to fearless; from follower, to leader; from bullied to bully proof and from wimp to warrior.

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Martial arts is about much more than just punching and kicking: it's about personal development, honour and dignity. It is about leadership, courage and a life of action combined with spiritual and emotional development. Right now you may just want to get fit, strong and slim, and we may have bigger goals for you in the future, but for now just try us out and experience a brilliant new hobby! Get started today with Bolton Martial Arts by contacting us on 01204 391 361.