Graduation Syllabus

Saturday 13th August 2022 Graduation

White Belts & Yellow Belts

Middle Block
Front Stance
Back Fist and Punch
Front Kick
2 on to 2 Self Defense Number 1

Orange & Blue Belts

Middle, Low & High Block
Front, Side & Back Stance
Back Fist and Cross, Chop and Cross & Jab and Cross
Front, Side, Roundhouse, Inside to Outside & Outside to Inside Kick
2 on to 2 Self Defense #1, Same Side Self #1 & Cross Hand Self Defense#1
Cho Bo Ja Hyung (Blue Belts)

Green & Red Belts

Basic Form 3
Pyung Ahn Cho Dan
2 on to 2 Self Defense #3 & #4
Bassia (1st Gup, 5th mid term)