Graduation News

Saturday 14th Graduation Pictures.

I will try and take more photos at the next graduation, Well done to everyone who graduated and well done to everyone who tested to their next rank on the way to becoming a Blackbelt.


Saturday Graduation

After teaching classes tonight and seeing how everyone is doing, I am really happy with the progress of everyone, Good luck for Saturday. Also a special mention to the 5 people testing for 1st Dan and 2 for 2nd Dan from the Bolton, Great Lever School. I wish you the best, you are all amazing.


12 Day’s off Christmas Exercise.

We will be posting different exercise idea’s you can do at home, We will start with the obvious one that we’re working on during the class. The 12 day’s of Christmas

12 days of Christmas (just like the song) On the first day of Christmas our instructor give to me….

1. Push up with a clap
2. one armed push ups – 1 left 1 right
3. slow sit ups
4. tuck jumps
5. v sits
6. push ups
7. bicycle crunches
8. squats
9. full sit ups
10. alt leg squat thrusts
11. Burpees
12. Tri-cep push ups

To do this start from 1 and then do 2 then 1 and so on, just like the way the song is sang. This exercise will take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. If you’re not very fit then take your time and do as much as you’re able to handle. If you have any health problems be sure to speak to a medical professional, who will be able to help.

News Offers

December Offer (Great Lever, Bolton School)

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