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16th February 2019 Graduation
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Your Next Graduation - June 2018

Graduation/Blackbelt Test
Saturday 16th June 2018

It's that time again, Graduation/Dan Shim Sa (Test). Graduation is an extremely important event at FamilyMartial ArtsCentres. It is a respected tradition of our martial art of Tang Soo Do and a vital part of the learning process. You are encouraged to do your best to attend on the day.

        Venue: Bridgewater School in Worsley, Manchester, M28 2WQ

Students will Graduate according to rank.

Tiger Tots Programme

Positive Start Programme
10am  - White Belts
11:15am - Yellow/Orange Stripe Belts

Leadership Programme
10am - Black Stripe Belt
11:15am Yellow/Orange/Blue Belts
12:30pm - Green Belts
1:45pm - Red Belts
3pm - 4pm - Midnight Blue Belts [Blackbelts] (Mid-Terms)

Spectators are more than welcome so please bring your family and friends and ask them to take photos! Spectators are welcome to stay and watch the the future Blackbelts who need to be there from 12:30 on-wards to test towards there next Dan grade.

Yours in Tang Soo Do.