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Name: Daniel James Hartley
Rank: 3rd Dan
Awarded: 15/12/2012
2nd Dan was received on December 2009
1st Dan was received on October 2007.
Bio: Daniel Hartley is the Chief Instructor at our full time school in Great Lever, Bolton.
Mr Hartley has been practicing Tang Soo Do since 2005 and is currently a 3rd Dan in the art; he will proudly tell everyone that he still continues to learn new skills as he heads towards achieving his 4th Dan masters grade in Tang Soo Do in the future.
Mr Hartley has been teaching for 9 years within the various Family Martial Arts Centres schools after taking a Certified Instructors Training course within the federation.
Mr Hartley, will work to improve your confidence and work on your fitness, achieve weight loss, call now for a free trail lesson.
Mr Hartley had always wanted to open his own centre and in August 2010, he achieved this goal by opening a once a week class in Sunnyside Community Centre, Great Lever, Bolton while still working 5 days a week at the full time school in Swinton. As the request for lessons on alternative days grew, Mr Hartley realized that he needed to build the school further.
Sunnyside Community Centre was unable to accommodate the days and times that he required so he made the decision to look for a property that would give him the flexibility that he needed in regards to the times and days that he wanted to open making things better for his students.
Mr Hartley wanted to stay in the same area so that current students would still be able to attend the classes with ease and whilst looking he found a fantastic building called Bobby Heywood House. The room was a perfect size for the open planned school that Mr Hartley had envisioned, but had been unused for quite a while and was therefore in a state of disrepair. After putting in 6 weeks of hard labour in between both the Bolton and Swinton classes, the school was ready to open on 1st July 2011 and has been growing ever since.
The school has a wide range of students in attendance with various reasons for starting and continuing their training. The students have regular chats with Mr Hartley about their progression and their changing goals and how to achieve them. The classes are structured in a way that allows new students to train in a beginners class with everyone from White Belts to Blue Belts, while Green Belts and onward train in a more advanced class where they learn further skills including handling weapons and more advanced Self Defense.
To see testimonials from the current students please refer to the testimonials page of the website.
Message From The Chief Instructor:
Hello, my name is Daniel Hartley and I’m the instructor at Bolton Martial Arts. I’ve been teaching martial arts for 11 years and help all the new students that come down to Bolton. The students that come down, all come down for different reasons and their reasons for continuing their martial arts training are now very different from when they started. This is down to the fact that in - a very short space of time - martial arts will increase your confidence and improve your fitness. There are many more benefits to training in the martial arts. We have classes to cater for Beginners and as well as seniors. We take in students from the age of 4 and cater for families that train together. To start your martial arts journey, give me a call on 01204 391 361.