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Here are some of our student testimonials on what they think about their martial arts training and what it has done for them.

Erica Harrison-Scott -Bolton/Bury

I have been training at Bolton for a few weeks and love how the classes are not too big, so everyone is able to help each other and listen to each other. Mr Hartley and the students have made me feel welcome after I transferred from another academy. There are students of all ages and of all belts which helps others see what they can achieve and aspire to. This helps me feel like a role model for others as a Black Belt here, and means others can ask me for advice during or after class.
Teresa Lynch - Bolton
I have really enjoyed the classes that I have been to and think that it's great to see families of various ages training together. The classes move at a great pace for both adults and children to follow without anyone feeling like the class is moving to fast or slow. I've spoken to a number of people during the lessons and have been told that the main thing people enjoy about the lesson is the energy and enthusiasm of the Instructor. I personally believe that this is what keeps me going back week after week as you can tell that Mr Hartley loves the career that he has chosen and it is just that for him, a career and not a part-time hobby. I am looking forward to my next few years of training before becoming a Black Belt with Family Martial Arts Centres.
Andy Calland - Bolton
Since I started training at Bolton, I have already found self confidence that I thought I never had. I have also had my first graduation which was an experience in itself, I can honestly say that. I wish I would have done this twenty years ago; Mr Hartley (our instructor) explains everything clearly and simply. I would recommend it 100%.
Ben Mallinson - Bolton
I enjoy doing the martial art because it gives me more confidence it was improved my fitness considerable and I feel safer in the knowledge that I am learning essential self defense skills.
Alison Calland - Bolton
It has built my self-confidence up in my everyday life. I feel much fitter and much more toned. I also look forward to my next training session. I would recommend Tang Soo Do to anyone of any age.
Mrs Farzana Wasim - Bolton
My children Haider (age 10) and Ibrahim Wasim (age 8) are being trained towards Green Belt. I have noticed a miraculous change in their behavior. They are learning valuable skills at the centre. They are more confidence now than ever before. This is one of the best things a parent can do for their child. I am at ease also knowing they will be able to defend themselves if need be. Thank you Mr Hartley.
Cameron Abercrombe - Lostock
I have only been training at the Lostock school for a few weeks and already have made some great friends, I'm starting to feel fitter and I'm really enjoying the style. Our instructor has great knowledge, has a fantastic 'can do' attitude towards helping his students and helping the class of all ages build experience and confidence. I'll be studying Tang Soo Do with Family Martial Arts Schools for a long time (hopefully) and who knows one day I could be teaching you! If you really want to give it a go but are unsure, why not just come down one evening and either watch or join in as the first lesson is a free taster and gradually get in to it!
Tony Walton - Bolton
I only started 4 weeks ago and already my fitness level has increased drastically and I have lost over a stone in weight, the classes are very easy to follow and Mr Hartley always has time for a chat or to show you anything you are unsure of. Looking forward to being a member for years to come and working towards my Black Belt...Tang Soo!
Joao + Alex Maria - Bolton
There's always a very good atmosphere at the centre, it's perfect for all ages everybody is respected no matter age, religion or nationality. It is very suitable for family's. Kids feel very good. Thank you.
Mr Wilkes for Son Harrison - Bolton
Harrison is 5 years old and is really enjoying the classes. You are made welcome by Mr Hartley and all the other pupils , Mr Hartley takes time to talk about the progress and future plans. I can strongly recommend the Bolton center and if you are thinking about joining go and see, you won't be disappointed!
Ricky Steele - Lostock
I have been doing Tang Soo Do now only a few weeks with Mr Kavanagh and his training as started to show in my confidence. I am walking about now with my head held high, the training is excellent and the atmosphere is relaxed and everyone who I have meant are brilliant people. To anyone reading this testimonial, the training and classes are fantastic and I will continue my training in this style for as long as possible.
This is only but a few students who have gained many different things from training with us, with more testimonials to come. However, if you are looking to start learning some new Self Defence skills, contact us at Great Lever, Bolton on 01204 391 361 or click here for more information.
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