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Tiger Tots Programme - 4 years to 6 years

The Tiger Tots Programme is designed for 4 to 6 year old children, The Tiger Tots Programme teaches basic martial arts skills for children while using martial arts as a vehicle to teach life skills such as; stranger danger, traffic safety and much more. For more information check out our federation page here.

Positive Start/Beginners Programme - 4 Years - Any age

The Positive Start Programme is for beginners who have never done any martial arts before and are looking to find out how to do the basics. We understand that not everyone has set their goals to become a Black Belt when they get started. Because of this, the Positive Start Programme is designed with the complete beginner in mind. We also teach life skills in this Programme like; honesty, respect, discipline and many more. For more information, check out our federation page here.

Blackbelt Leadership Programme - 4 Years - Any age

The Blackbelt Leadership Programme is designed for people who have decided to set the goals to one day become a Blackbelt and are ready for the extra challenge. There are several Leadership classes in the full-time schools to cater for beginners to more advanced students.

Instructor Courses - JIT/AIT/CIT (Students Only)

The Instructor Courses are for those that would like a career teaching martial arts. For more information on these Courses and how to get started, speak to your instructor for an information pack.

Private Lessons - 18 years plus, however 4 and upward if training as part of a family.

Private lessons are available for anyone who would like to do them. Although students get the utmost care and attention from their instructor, this course is for anyone looking to either start off on private lessons or brush up on techniques outside of class.